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Avente maintains a complete service department responsible for moves, adds and changes (MACS). Whether you are moving offices, data centres or any other physical infrastructure, our team can manage your move, securely and safely minimizing with the impact to your business operations.

Moves and changes within a business present a variety of logistical and technical obstacles. Our MAC's teams experience of delivering a wide variety of moves and changes, offers our customers peace of mind in the knowledge that we have delivered these solutions successfully, over many years.

Typical MAC's may include:-

  • Data Centre Updates
  • Cabinet Relocation & Re-patching
  • Desktop Moves
  • Server Moves & Changes
  • Physical Relocation of IT Equipment
  • Temporary Installations
  • Relocation of Existing Cabling

Cabinet consolidation is one of our most commonly requested MAC's. Many of our clients have realised the following benefits from this service:-

  • Recovery of Rack Space
  • Removal of Redundant Cabling
  • Creation of Patching Schedules
  • Reduction of Hotspots and Increase of Air-Flow within Cabinet

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We provide your business with a "maintenance cover plan" to cover all your IT equipment in the event of a breakdown and provide you with a on-site technical resource to assist you with your day to day IT needs and improvements.

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