17.08.2005 - Mirage Solution Stops Zotob.E: No Signatures Required.

Mirage Solution Stops W32.Zotob.E Day Zero.

Avente solution prevents infection of W32.Zotob.E virus

In the past few days networks around the world have been infected by the W32.Zotob.e virus. This virus exploits a security flaw in Windows 2000 causing the repeated shutdown and rebooting of the infected machine.

The Mirage Networks Counterpoint solution from Avente has successfully prevented attacks from viruses such as Blaster, Sasser, Gaobot and Netsky in the past, and has continued its un-breached record by preventing infection from all variants of the W32.Zotob.E virus.

The article below was published in the financial times on the 18th August 2005, outlining the problems faced.

Download Financial times W32.Zotob.E article

Link to press release from Mirage Networks

For further information on the Counterpoint solution, either call our sales line on 01923 650470, or mirage@avente.co.uk

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